The Cybersecurity
Transparency Project

Companies are more transparent than ever when it comes to their security.
We're taking that information and making it actionable for the consumer and enterprise.

Are you a security researcher who has discovered a vulnerability and is trying to disclose? Search here for the relevant company or organization to see details on disclosing vulnerabilities.

Disclaimer: This is merely a list of security contacts methods, and does not imply authorization to test. Ensure that you comply with all listed terms of an organization's vulnerability disclosure policy before testing.


The Cybersecurity Transparency Project aims to improve overall cybersecurity transparency by aggregating organization practices. The Security Contact Search allows researchers to search a list of organizations, the largest such list to date. Data comes from a variety of sources, including's program list, HackerOne's public directory, .gov domain security contacts, Hack your Government, and Hack your University.

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